Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gratitude Challenge Revised...Day 12-16

As I've worked on writing things I'm grateful for, it has been a fun challenge, but I've realized that the task is exploding exponentially.  Trying to write the amount of items corresponding to the number of the day is getting difficult. (Some of you got a good laugh at my Day 11-15 with all but Day 11 missing.) I must admit, the first 11 days took me on a fabulous journey.  

Therefore, I hereby amend my original intention and will from now on write only one thing each day.

Day 12: I am grateful for electricity, natural gas, and auto fuel that light up the night, keep me at a comfortable temperature and allow me to travel to family far away.
Day 13: I am grateful for being able to sing my favorite holiday music.
Day 14: I am grateful for quiet places where I can sit and rejuvenate my soul (like the celestial room at the temple--this photo is the Salt Lake Temple).

Day 15: I am grateful for cultural arts--Shakespearean plays and Christmas concerts--to list just two.

Day 16: Simply...I am grateful for forgiveness.

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