Tuesday, November 18, 2008


On Sunday someone admonished us that if we want to show God that we are thankful we should give of ourselves.  I'd like to add...we should express our gratitude. 

I am grateful for kids who are helpful, forgiving, patient (even when I'm not), outgoing, optimistic, giving, and loving.  My husband beats all with his compassionate and understanding nature.  I love my brothers and sister AND Mom and Dad for helping my life have depth and purpose.  My adopted family (meaning all in-laws) make me grateful for the spice of life--without variety, life couldn't be as exciting. I feel very undeserving of such wonderful people in my life, yet I am so grateful to/for them.  

I'm thankful to live in a country where I can practice my religion, not fear for my or my children's safety (most of the time), and strive to reach our dreams.  Thanks to those who help preserve these privileges.  

I am grateful to know who I am, and where I am going if I live up to my side of the bargain.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fabulous Fall

The weather this Fall has been extremely warm. Even our newly planted grass has been able to thrive for longer than normal. Halloween night was warm enough to wear costumes without two layers hidden underneath. The leaves on the trees seem to be hanging on just a little bit longer. I just wish it could last forever, but I guess that would eliminate the reason why I love the seasons. Change is what makes the seasons so great!

This past month we found time to take a few family photos. (Thanks to the great weather!) Our photographer, Stephanie, renewed my faith in family photography--fun, not overdone. It excited me to see how she was able catch the true essence of our family.
We also couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a trip to the Hogle Zoo. Once again, the ideal weather conditions put summer visits to shame.

Halloween was a hit as usual. Daddy took the kids trick-or-treating, while I stayed home to hand out candy. This year, I must admit though, that I got a little spooked by the lights turned low and the haunted noises playing in the background. (As you can see, I finally convinced my husband to dress up. However, that meant that I couldn't go without dressing up myself. How do you like our Peter Pan clan?)