Friday, August 22, 2008

Nine Years Going on 16

Ally had her 9th birthday this past week! She finally got the friend birthday she has been begging me for. Luckily she likes taking charge. She planned/carried out the whole party. She may as well be 16 with the way her mind works. (*Note...her "friend birthday cake" was SMORE cake...the real cake came later, see below):

On her real birthday we surprised her with breakfast in bed before school and a real birthday cake that night! We, Ally and I, put our creative juices together for the cake. I think it turned out pretty cute.


Sweet start to my morning

I was having a hard time opening my eyes this morning, when I heard a tiny voice in my room say, "Good morning, Mommy!" I replied, "Hi, Sam." Then she asked the cutest question: "How are you feeling?" "Fine," was all I could say in my shock. Really I should have been able to reply with a "great" or something. I guess I was just caught off guard. She's only four!

Kids do the darndest things, don't they!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Almost over

Summer is almost over if you can believe it! School is starting earlier than usual this year.

Yesterday we had another family wedding. And since Hyrum was sick on Sunday I was worried that we wouldn't be able to go. At least not without difficulty. I prayed that Hyrum would feel okay and that the rest would stay healthy. Through a small miracle, Hyrum didn't show he was sick until the end of the wedding luncheon. And the rest? Well, Sammie got sick in the car on the way home and Kayla showed signs of it when we got home. Oh, and don't forget Ally. She spent the night awake with the same stomach flu. I guess it's good timing for all of my kids to be sick this week instead of during the first days of school. ("Good" is relative though, seeing that stomach flu is never good.)

Aside from the summer's "crash landing", we've had a good "flight"--fishing with Grandpa,
fun with the cousins, Hyrum's 1st birthday and weddings galore!

And so I conclude with...Happy Summer to all and to all a good-Fall!