Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sammie turns the big 5

(The Party planners)

So before you know what became of Sammie's birthday party, I felt I had to quote her today saying, "Well, I didn't even get to plan my own birthday party. Everybody else did it for me." I'm not sure what compelled her to say that, but I must disclose that everything we planned (meaning the older kids and I) was agreed to wholeheartedly by yours truly.

Now that you've had the 411, just sit back relax and enjoy...drum roll please...SAMMIE IN WONDERLAND!

Hot teapot, Hot teapot, Who's got the teapot?
If you've got the Hot teapot, you are out!

Sammie and her cake before the tragic attempt
at lighting the candles in a windstorm.

I finally convinced everyone to move inside
where SHE was finally able to blow out her candles.

You're welcome, Sammie! Have a great year!

"Gampa's Wishing" Trip

Hyrum can't quite say fish yet, it comes out "wish" instead. Last week's fishing trip was his second time fishing, probably the first he comprehended. I'm not sure, though, if he enjoyed the boating, the fishing or the candy snacks the most.

(Check out the hillsides...GREEEEEEEN. I guess an every-other-day rain storm keeps 'em that way. I'm a little confused this year about what state I live in, cause the weather's acting awfully coastal-like.)

Cousin Tyler enjoyed chillin' in the front seat.
Every now and then we'd hear him snicker about my kids' antics.

I remember waking up early to fish with Dad. He'd drag me out in my pajamas, still sleeping and put me in the camper. Then we'd try to catch fish off the bank for several hours. From what I recall we were very seldom successful. (I hear from reliable sources that this cutie pie is my twin, so feel free to use your imagination.)

As I thought back to those early mornings as a kid, waiting and waiting to catch a "big one", I realized that it's not just about the fishing (though it can be fun at times), but about hanging with family in the mountains, breathing the clear air, watching the brilliant sun rise over the mountain peak throwing glitter on the water...I could probably go on and on.

Thanks, Dad, for taking us fishing then, and now passing the tradition on to my kids!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Isn't it about time?


and FOREVER...

...we are family!

Swimming lessons are always a highlight of our summers. We may get a little chilly doing it at the beginning of the summer, but the kids never lack enthusiasm.

Kayla thinks she's part fish.

Benji and Ally have always been close, just like twins. (I couldn't resist this photograph!)

Orem Summerfest gives us a good excuse to watch a parade and a pretty decent firework show. (They're giving Provo a run for their money I think.)

Last, but not least, my yearly favorite--Daddy and the kids on Father's Day! (Hyrum was napping already, oh well.)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons

I noticed that my blog is a little devoid of pictures.  As I looked through my pictures today, I decided that I wanted to share some of my favorites.  (Not because the composition of the pictures are great, but because they capture some fond memories.)
Ben running with and encouraging Benji to finish the 3K race.
Hyrum copying his dad.  It's cool to have pockets!
Ally and I after the Mother/Daughter Fiesta.  Notice Ally's flower creation on the left!
Ben laughing with Mom as she recounts a family memory.  
Loving a precious moment with the last of the five snuggle bugs.  I'll miss it when they are too big to climb onto my lap.