Saturday, December 27, 2008


WELCOME to my (Chris') attempt at internet blogging, that is, if you haven't been here before.
We had a great 2008!  We spent our vacation this year visiting all the places nearby that we never seem to have time to visit.  The rest of the year was spent figuring out how to live, love and laugh with each other. 

We've watched Hyrum (1 1/3) grow from underweight baby to a very healthy-weight toddler. (See previous post.)  

Sammie (4) is our own version of "High School Musical".  She even sings when using the potty.   She loves preschool.  She is learning to be an immaculate coloring book artist.  I find her at the table coloring morning, afternoon and evening.  Aunt Carolyn made all three girls' dreams come true by getting married and letting them attend as flower girls.                

Kayla (7) is proficient at teasing and can get a rile out of just about anybody.  Hint: The smirk on her face at the end usually gives her away.  She is in first grade and feels very lucky to be in a class with all three of her "bestest" friends.  She'll try just about anything, even new foods and rock climbing.  She's been reading up a storm ever since she discovered she could do it.  Playing the piano is also one of her many pleasures.  

Ally (9)  had fun performing in a small children's musical theater group.  Aristocats was Benji's (an aristocat) and her (an alley dog) favorite performance.    A brown nose suits her, especially when it comes to her elementary school teachers.  :O)  She has spent many hours directing many of her creative, make believe adventures.    Music is also one of her loves--singing, playing the piano or just listening.

Benji (10) has officially become Pack family babysitter extraordinaire.  He loves scouts and fishing with his Grandpa Moss.  He can't wait to be in scouts with his Daddy as the leader.  He makes a great cook or cook's helper.  (There are some perks to being the oldest?)  

  Ben's glad that the grass grew in before the first usual frost.  Mother nature cooperated by keeping Jack away for many weeks after.  When he's not busy with his hands, he's scheming up how to be financially independent.  He also loves being a dad, probably because he has the most wonderful children in the world.   

I'm (Chris) becoming more unsure of the whole parenting thing, especially as the oldest is getting closer to teenage-hood.  But, I wouldn't trade any of our kiddies for the world.  If it wasn't for them I would never learn as much as I do.   When I'm not parenting I escape to my blog, book or bed--the 3 B's of sanity.

We wish all who have come to visit us a wonderful new year!   

Friday, December 19, 2008

Before I forget...

I have to write down all of Hyrum's newest antics.    His most memorable was just two days ago when he put our digital camera in the tub (where Sammie was taking a bath).  I was wondering where he got the camera from, since it is "always" store on top of our piano.  I couldn't believe that turning my back for just one minute would give him time to cause havoc.  We all survived, however (even the camera...thanks to Canon's waterproof? design)!

He came walking down the hall the other day making smacking sounds.  When he rounded the bend I saw he was carrying Kayla's dolly.  Her face was pressed against his kissing lips.  Too cute!

He'll also try to mimic everything I say..."Ayee (Ally), Buh (book), Eeee (eat, and any alphabet letter after pointing at it)."

It's fun to see him help by throwing garbage away, putting his binkie back in his bed, or cleaning up toys.

He's also learned the stinky sign--squeezing your nose shut--with an "Eeeooo" attached.

He calls his binkie "Dehdis" since I always say "There it is" when we find it.
Yesterday when Benji was trying on the Santa suit he started giggling and saying "ha, ha...ha, ha."  He wasn't too sure about Daddy wearing it though.  He definitely prefers Daddy in his daddy costume.  


I was informed that I forgot the funniest thing that Hyrum (one year old) did.  (I'm changing the post time so that it will stay in the right order.)

See, we have this Fisher Price family minivan.  Normally Hyrum pushes it around and plays with the interactive buttons--"Are we there yet?"  Then one night when Ben and I were talking, we saw his foot move towards the car.  We both stopped and watched...with all four doors open and a little grunt, he attempted "to get into" the minivan, starting with one foot.  He repositioned and tried again. When he finally resigned that it wasn't going to work he put on his frustrated face and moved on to the next adventure.

“My dear brothers and sisters, may the laughter of children gladden our hearts. May the faith of children soothe our souls. May the love of children prompt our deeds. ‘Children are an heritage of the Lord’ (Ps. 127:3.)”  Thomas S. Monson