Friday, December 19, 2008

Before I forget...

I have to write down all of Hyrum's newest antics.    His most memorable was just two days ago when he put our digital camera in the tub (where Sammie was taking a bath).  I was wondering where he got the camera from, since it is "always" store on top of our piano.  I couldn't believe that turning my back for just one minute would give him time to cause havoc.  We all survived, however (even the camera...thanks to Canon's waterproof? design)!

He came walking down the hall the other day making smacking sounds.  When he rounded the bend I saw he was carrying Kayla's dolly.  Her face was pressed against his kissing lips.  Too cute!

He'll also try to mimic everything I say..."Ayee (Ally), Buh (book), Eeee (eat, and any alphabet letter after pointing at it)."

It's fun to see him help by throwing garbage away, putting his binkie back in his bed, or cleaning up toys.

He's also learned the stinky sign--squeezing your nose shut--with an "Eeeooo" attached.

He calls his binkie "Dehdis" since I always say "There it is" when we find it.
Yesterday when Benji was trying on the Santa suit he started giggling and saying "ha, ha...ha, ha."  He wasn't too sure about Daddy wearing it though.  He definitely prefers Daddy in his daddy costume.  

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