Thursday, January 31, 2013

thursday thoughts

It seems the Pack family has been adjusting well to Blackfoot, Idaho.

Hyrum "loves doing his homework as long as he gets Mommy to bribe him. When he's behind a week the big kahuna-bribe has to come out--extra time on Mommy's iPad! (Can't really take a photo of him playing on my iPad, but you get the picture.)

Ally made me promise not to post this one, but it is so Ally! She must be feeling comfortable to come out with her creative drawings like this one.

And Benji, what more can I say! (He loves playing Monopoly. He got Monopoly Deal for his Christmas present and loves it too.)

Daddy captured the essence of our holidays with this picture. We have become TV-holics where Psych, Once Upon a Time, Studio C or Sue Thomas FB-eye are involved. Before you get hot and bothered let me just tell you that the cold here will drive you to do things like this. ;)

I must say that this was another vision of our holidays as well. See, the TV didn't swallow us up entirely....

We've loved having so much time together as a family, even on a day to day basis. We appreciate Ben's sacrifice and love the blessings that have come with having each other through this change. We miss our friends and family but have so enjoyed not being "distracted" by an overly busy, friendly schedule.

Here's to many more family days!