Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pack Family Reunion 2014

Our trip to Provo (for the beginning of the Pack reunions) began with a stop at the newly remodeled Ogden Temple.  Hyrum summed up our feelings when he said, "Is this Jesus' house?" "That's why it is so beautiful!"
 New Ogden Temple Open House

Our first reunion?  The Don Elbert and Harriet Malin Pack Family (in other words, Dad's cousins and their descendants)  Our family had the biggest showing since we were in charge of the festivities.
Wes Pack Family (mostly Deloy's descendants)
Gavin in his shades
Alissandra getting her beauty sleep
THE PACKS (Cousins galore!)
Mom presenting the history of Rockford, Utah (now Rockford Reservoir) 
Kenneth working on his skill at can stilts
Reminiscing (Sherri, Nikkala and Ben) 
The second family reunion (second day)?  The John Pack Family met at This is the Place Heritage Park.  Ben captured it with me cleaning up the place. (We've been there so many times that other pictures didn't seem necessary.  You'll have to go "back in time" to see what it is like.)
Chris getting her fill of reunions
Neal's Baptism was the highlight for all of us, though.  The double chocolate cake was a close second!
Neal excited to dive into the chocolaty delight.
The third reunion (the third day)?  The M. Deloy Pack Family in Idaho.  Everyone followed us home to Idaho and we spent Monday (the fourth day) enjoying Yellowstone.  Well, at least some of us did.  It was amazing weather, but it's hard not to push it to the limit.
Old Faithful, still as faithful
Nature-made teeter-totter
Kayla given her cousin (Gavin) a little lovin'! 
Shake, shake, shakin' with Joseph and Jarom
(Joshua in the background) 
Look Sammie dressed to match!
Our hike to Mystic Falls (Hyrum's face describes the sentiment of some)
More cousin lovin'; This time it's Benji and Grace 
Big Jud's Famous 1 lb. burger...mmmm...good
The fifth day we recovered from our day at Yellowstone with good food and a family meeting.

We took advantage of having us all (well most of us) in one place to have a photo shoot. (Hardys, all the Packs [Jon and Preeti not pictured], Thomsons, Roger Packs, Dad and Mum, Roger Packs :P, Ben Packs X2 :P, and all the cousins)

Don Aslett's Museum of Clean was the grand finale (the sixth day).  The best part? A personal tour from the man himself! And it is a ton of fun for the kids.

Mrs. Clean vs. Mr. Litter, starring Brent 
Gregory likin' his back rub
Another good rub for Neal 
"Chim-chiminy-chim-chim-cheree...a sweep is as lucky as luck can be."
I think a few of the kids actually enjoyed washing THE window.
"Wet FlOOr"
Cleanest Knight in shining armor (we can only hope she snags one!)
(Day seven and eight) We spent some extra family bonding time with the Thomsons.  They couldn't resist the army tanks and Blackfoot's baked potato.  It was complete with ice cream at Rupes!

Rupes' ice cream stop
It was a fun-filled seven days.  See you again in three years!