Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Tribute (ditto)

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  I'd have to agree, Mom put the music in me...

(100% of the proceeds from this single will be donated to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I decided to give my blog a face-lift.
I originally picked maroon and forest green for my blogging colors since it went great with the title of my blog--Christmas.  I liked the play on words from my name ChrisMoss.  Then when I found this great picture of tulips for the spring season I just couldn't see the combination working.  So now you have Christmas in the Spring!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sharing Our Heirlooms

Elder Bednar in October Conference related the importance of Family History to our youth:

Most youth will think genealogy is boring, especially when it seems like only names and dates.  It can be so much more.  Genealogy meets Family History as we share artifacts and heirlooms of our ancestors.  While we may not always be able to touch them, we can find joy in seeing them come to life with the help of technology.

One of my favorite heirlooms came from my mother.  She spent hours knitting these afghans.  I remember her love every time I wrap up in one.
(In possession of Danielle Moss, my niece.)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

16th Wedding Anniversary

Day 1: Visit to "our" temple

Sixteen years ago we were sealed in this LDS Temple by our mission president Richard Winder (husband of former General Relief Society President, Barbara Winder).  We met 19 years ago in the MTC going to the same mission--Czechoslovakia Prague Mission (the name changed while we had our call to Czech Republic Prague Mission).

Day 2: Foothill Elementary School's Arts Gala

Day 3: Jasmine Thai Cuisine...yummmm! (Thanks, Mum.)

Day 4: Lagoon Fun Park

It was a bit chilly...and windy on the rides (Flying Ace), but we had a great time.  We realized that the older we get the less appealing the thrilling rides are.  The kid friendly, family rides are thrilling enough (tsk, tsk, hee, hee).

Happy Days!