Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Tribute

As I was going through my mom's things I found a note that I had written to my mom.  And then, just today I found an identical note that I wrote to my dad.  Both were composed on Valentine's Day two years ago.  So, I thought it fitting to share them with you this week as my tribute to them.

Things I love about Mom (reflection from 2009):
 1. She loves little children and doesn’t hesitate to show them.
2. She is my favorite baker.
3. She bakes/cooks my favorite meals.
4. She can always get me out of a jam.
5. We can cry through movies together.
6. She is a good listener.
7. She has a warm smile and infectious laugh.
8. She shares my love of Mexican food.
9. She hugs me when I need it the most.
10. She loves me for who I am.
My "portrait" in Mom's mirror while capturing her "life"
Her mug--child's gift
Her now empty chair that's still full of memories
Reading, one of her many loves
A beautiful bride
(her two daughter brides in the background)
Her shoes lined up with a convenient
pair of stockings....don't forget her slippers
in every color.
It was critical that Mom had everything ready for a quick exit
At rest
Unopened puzzle (another of Mom's loves) from Mom's house
put together in her remembrance (luckily it wasn't too tough with
all of the differing colors...thanks, Mom)
Temporary headstone and "last" act of kindness from her grandchildren

Things I love about you, Dad (reflection from 2009):
 1. You are always a gentleman.
2. You make me laugh.
3. You are a great chef. I’ve never tasted anything I didn’t like.
4. I feel safe when you are driving.
5. You are a playful grandpa.
6. You always build me up.
7. You are my biggest fan (next to Mom, of course).
8. You keep going even through physical obstacles.
9. You can turn a crisis into an adventure.
10. I can always count on you.
Dad at the graveside paying his last respects to Mom

It's in God's creations that the greatest joys are found.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for helping me find joy.

The Pack Place: Ice Fishing at Strawberry

Ben posted this on his family's blog :

Benji and I (Ben) went ice fishing this weekend. Most memorable is the sunburn.[Benji's face was swollen--last picture--from the sunburn; he could barely see for two days straight.]