Thursday, December 24, 2009


Benji (almost 12) has enjoyed scouting this year with his dad as scout leader.  He is full swing into "preparing" for junior high school--at least that's what his sixth grade teacher calls it.  He also became the designated Pack family babysitter.  Hmmm...are these really perks to growing up?

Ally (10) hasn't relinquished her place as Miss Creative.  She has also officially "caught up" to Benji in school by joining the 5th and 6th grade combination class.  Hyrum is the apple of her eye especially when he gives her all of the hugs and kisses that she requests.
Kayla (8) celebrated her eighth birthday by being baptized.  Her sparkling smile after coming out of the water gave us all a glimpse into her heart.  She also proved that she can do just about anything without much effort--gymnastics, tennis, math, reading.

Sammie (5) officially joined the throngs of big kids.  She loves going to kindergarten.  She also enjoys a regular diet of drawing, coloring and painting.  (We are accepting paper donations.)  

Hyrum (2) has a very curious, helpful nature.  He helps us by pouring his own cereal and milk (even if it goes all over the table).  He has redecorated the tree by eating all of the candy canes within reach.  He appointed himself our family photographer.  He's particularly good at feet and eyes.  In short, he makes us all smile!

(House painters)

Chris (middle-age) has enjoyed having Ben around more the past five months and appreciates his completing some of his year-long projects (the yard is now complete and at least the outside of the house is painted).  She has enjoyed serving as primary chorister--her dream calling.  Crocheting is her new-found hobby.  Could this be a sign of aging?

Ben was laid-off in July and is still trying to determine which way life will take him next.  He has enjoyed doing things for his wife (waking up with the kids, projects, cooking), finishing his own projects and being able to 'take' the holidays off.
The trials of life continue to refine and the Lord continues to bless.  Love to you all,
The Packs