Wednesday, October 10, 2012

wednesday whimsy: Welcoming Back the Packs and Autumn

"Welcome BackPacks!"  Hee, hee! So fitting for our name.  And yes we are back in Idaho, in case you haven't heard. 
 If you wondered if Idaho was advanced enough to have a corn maze, well they are and they do--the Wild Adventure Corn's even in Blackfoot!
Here are the before and after shots of the kids painting their pumpkins: 

Don't mistake the arms for a moustache.

I thought I would also include the letter my oldest three kids recently wrote to their Grandma:

Yes our house is big enough.  I like having my own room.
I like school because I have a nice teacher.  I have eight new friends.  One lives down the street from me.  One I played with the first time we lived in Blackfoot, but we didn't know until she came to my birthday party.
I like the swing the best.  Yeah sure, you can come see us!  ~Kayla

Our house is too big, I hate doing chores round here.  I love the swings though, and I enjoy having a horse behind our back yard.  School isn't wonderful, but what can one expect?  It's SCHOOL!! :)  I have some friends, but I still miss Orem.  I also get to take Ballet, and it's fine, but it has been a while, so my skills are a bit rusty.  Come and see us when ever you want.  ~Ally

huge enough that no one can find you even if your in the room next to it. great for reading. out side is fine the swings are great. tramp should go in the ground though. seminary and school are fine the seminary is my fav. a couple friends. we did a mountain man rondevous. with weapons it was fine we also won archery. sure come up that would be great bye.  ~Benji