Friday, December 19, 2008


I was informed that I forgot the funniest thing that Hyrum (one year old) did.  (I'm changing the post time so that it will stay in the right order.)

See, we have this Fisher Price family minivan.  Normally Hyrum pushes it around and plays with the interactive buttons--"Are we there yet?"  Then one night when Ben and I were talking, we saw his foot move towards the car.  We both stopped and watched...with all four doors open and a little grunt, he attempted "to get into" the minivan, starting with one foot.  He repositioned and tried again. When he finally resigned that it wasn't going to work he put on his frustrated face and moved on to the next adventure.

“My dear brothers and sisters, may the laughter of children gladden our hearts. May the faith of children soothe our souls. May the love of children prompt our deeds. ‘Children are an heritage of the Lord’ (Ps. 127:3.)”  Thomas S. Monson


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