Monday, November 7, 2011

Gratitude Challenge Day 3-5

Day 3: 1-- I am grateful to be married to a patient, loving man.
2--I am grateful for siblings, who are wise and generous.
3--I am grateful for in-laws, who received me as part of the family.

Day 4: 1--I am grateful for Grandma Robinson who showed by example that I should always count my blessings.

2--I am grateful for good books, especially ones that warm the soul.
3--I am grateful for music--what draws me the closest to God.
4--I am grateful for food...homemade everything (okay almost everything).

Day 5: 1--I am grateful for nature that invokes thoughts of gratitude for living on this beautiful earth.
2--I am grateful for a home.
3--I am grateful for a clean home.  My kids do a great job helping get all of the chores done.

4--I am grateful for pillows. (Not my bed but sort of matches my night stand.)

5--I am grateful to live in a free land.

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