Monday, November 7, 2011

Gratitude Challenge Day 8-9

Day 8: 1--I am grateful for life now... (Ally holding cousin Joshua)

2--...and forever... (my mom's been gone for almost one year)
3--...and temples that make eternity with our families possible.
4--I am grateful for family history work.
5--I am grateful I received an education in family history.
6--I am grateful for ancestors who bravely joined the Mormon church and immigrated to Utah.
(Benji during re-enactment of the handcart pioneer trek)
6--I am grateful for the experience I had re-enacting the pioneer trek as a youth.  I gained a greater appreciation for the pioneers' trials.  It also gave me confidence to know that I could do hard things.
7--I am grateful for Joseph Smith, Jr. for restoring the gospel to the earth so that we can can have joy in this life.
8--I am grateful for my faith in God that gets me through my own trials.

Day 9: 1--I am grateful for missionaries who preach the gospel to the world.

2--I am grateful for having served a full-time mission in the Czech Republic.
3--I am grateful for the many wonderful Czechs with whom I was able to associate.
4--I love Czech food, especially knedliky, tmavy chleb, svickova na smetane, and pernik.
5--I am grateful to have met my husband because of serving in the same mission.
6--I am grateful for the mission presidents and their wives that I served with--Pres. and Barbara Winder and Pres. and Sis. Bryson.  They taught me how to motivate with love and what it takes to diligently serve.
7--I am grateful for the moments where the Holy Ghost could testify of the truthfulness of the gospel.
8--I am grateful (as Tyler--a newly returned missionary said) to have learned more from the people than I could have ever taught them.
9--I am grateful for, once again, knowing I could do hard things!

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