Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ohio or Bust (Part IV)

Our last night before reaching our destination we broke down and paid for a motel so that we wouldn't have to sweat it out.  (Although, Ben still did, since he got sick that night.)  Can't beat the free breakfast either!

 As you can see, multitasking is not a problem for me. 

 We decided to take advantage of one last excursion to break up the monotony of driving--Lincoln's New Salem Village--in Petersburg, Illinois.  If you look close at Kayla's face, she's forcing a smile.  We were all dripping wet with the intolerable heat and humidity.  You also have to note that the building behind the girls was the most original building in the village and it was where Abraham Lincoln spent many hours reading by the cooper's fire, educating himself for great things to come. 
Thanks for coming along with us on our journey!

We made it to Ohio without any major difficulties (just before 11 p.m. EST) and the cousins were excited to see us. They haven't had any problems entertaining each other since we arrived.

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