Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ohio or Bust (Part III)

Our first adventure on Monday afternoon was the Independence Visitor Center.  (The Community Church of Christ's temple building is in the background.)  Don't let our hair blowing in the wind fool you, we were frying hot! 

William W. Phelp's printing press shop re-creation where we heard the story of the two youngs girls who saved some of the printed copies of the "Book of Commandments".

Sammie stirring up our grub in the mini-pioneer cabin.
 "Hold on, Ally!  This ride may get bumpy!" The kids had a great time moving west with this mini-wagon.  To my surprise they even attempted to put the kid-size rocking chair in the back for the "journey."  Hopefully it didn't get too worn during the move.

The kids were getting ready for a family picture in front of the Christus.  One of the Sisters caught this precious moment.
 Benji put up with "my people in every picture" quirk.  "It's hot out here, Mom, take it quick!" This will be the new Kansas City, Missouri  Temple.

The kids weren't so sure about the army of bugs that greeted us at Adam-ondi-Ahman.  The noise from them "hurt our ears."  The view was amazing!  (Someday I'll have a camera that will capture it. Hint, hint honey.)  We ended up spending the night in a motel, since sleeping in the heat and humidity wasn't very inticing after experiencing it in Kansas.

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