Monday, August 8, 2011

Ohio or Bust (Kings Island Detour)

We couldn't pass up the chance to go to King's Island, so we decided to do an evening only.  Our first ride was in the water rapids...

(little did we know that this was only the beginning, of getting wet, that is)

 I had fun with the younger kids and caught some precious moments--Hyrum, especially as the flying ace!

Ally and the kids just couldn't keep their lips off of Snoopy.

The best part was Mom and Dad could "let down their hair" and be kids again!

 P.S. It doesn't show, but we spent the last two hours of the night trying to dodge the pouring rain.  Most of the rides were closed down, which led to some disappointment, but the memories will be forever embedded in our minds.  Gene Kelly can't hold a candle to our version of "singing in the rain."


  1. This is cousin Alison. At the very end, some of the rides reopened, so I FINALLY got to ride Zephyr.

  2. at least it wasn't freezing. Hope not.