Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ohio or Bust (Part I)

Yep!  You heard right.  Here we are going to Ohio. (I took these pictures so we could remember how happy we were before we got most of the trip behind us.)

 We stopped for an extended Pack Family reunion where the kids quickly bonded with their cousins.

 Here's Hyrum's portrait of Kayla in the community hall at the Gooseberry Administration Site (near Salina, Utah).  Family was great, food was awesome, beds were hard.
 We didn't even fill up the back with all the stuff we needed.  Maybe that's because I limited everyone to one backpack for ALL of their stuff.
 Here's Ghost Rock..."Dum-dum, I want gum-gum." (Night at the Museum I)  Our first lunch stop on the trip.
 Hyrum almost made it through his dinosaur book.
 This hot pool was on recommendation from a local, however, only Ben could stand the 110 degree heat.  Maybe we'll be back in the winter. Not!
Colorado's I-70 has a plethera of tunnels. The kids are trying to hold their breath from beginning to end.

After driving for two hours in what felt like circles, we found a camping spot around 11 p.m. Saturday night.  Luckily by morning the memory of getting everyone to bed was waning.

We made a brief stop at the Denver Colorado Temple and fit in a meeting at a local church. We went back to the temple to eat our lunch and were told the church doesn't like rodents, so we moved just off the property to eat.

 Here we are visiting my kids oldest, wisest cousin. Thanks, Travis, for the cold, filtered watered and good company!
My budding photographer took this picture of the sun setting on the Kansas horizon.  Goodnight....zzzz!

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