Friday, November 5, 2010

One month late, but Kayla, You're Great!

It's been over a month since Kayla's birthday.  (I'm in blog-backlog mode.)  She turned NINE back in September.  And well, never fear, Kayla is here!  

Kayla is very photogenic--her smile captivates.  She is enjoying her 3rd grade year and especially likes to help her class reach their goals, like good behavior for a movie party and doing her best on her writing to earn the "Chefs of Good Writing" activity.  Kayla and I enjoy reading books out loud to one another.  We just finished Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.  She likes to play tennis, tumble, and play with her friends.  

Kayla wanted a Rainbow cake--lemon drops for the gold, Laffy Taffy® strands for the rainbow and white yogurt-covered pretzels for the clouds.

Kayla invited the Linford family over for the festivities.

Becca her friend made her this cute package.  So fun when friends make things with love!

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