Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ally's One Year Older

[It's been a while since her birthday, but due to an "after-school-starts-party" wish, I'm just getting to it.]

Ally is growing into a beautiful young woman.  (I think I'm getting to the point in life where the ages of my kids are starting to effect me.) Ally has been blessed with many talents, like her giving nature and ability to make others feel loved.  She enjoys her accelerated learning class in school, because it challenges her just enough.  She doesn't consider herself smart, but a veracious reader/learner.    She tackles every project with determination to do her very best and loves to add a twist of creativity.  We are lucky to have her around.  

Happy Birthday, Ally!  

We celebrated her real birthday at a community water party.  But, we couldn't forgo the treat, so we cut her birthday pie at 10:30 p.m.  Her eyes were barely open.  ;)

Here's her wish come true (to have a party after school had started)!
All of her classmate friends came for the grand affair.
I'm a lucky mom in that my kids put up with whatever creative juices hit me at the moment, 
like this fruit leather creation.
A is for adorable,
L is for lovely
and (L) likable,
Y is for alwaYs true!

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  1. The ages of my kids are definitely affecting me. And not because it means I'm getting old. I see them experiencing jr. high and high school things (yuck) and I get emotional because I remember it all too well. And then when I see how gracefully they weather all of the storms, I get emotional with pride for the amazing people that they are becoming. I can't win!