Friday, November 27, 2009

Superb Days

We have had three superb days in a row thanks to my husband.  He sat our family down on Wednesday morning and together we decided what could go into a superb day--playing games or sports, visiting friends or family, watching movies, reading books, limited computer time, good morning devotional, learning something new, walking, service, prayers, baking/making goodies, dates, good food, projects (humanitarian, craft, home), puzzles, limited tv time, etc.

Then we all voted on what should be on the top of the list--prayers, scripture study (personal and family on both), fabulous food and sweets (a definite must), limited computer and tv time (20 min. for games or work on the computer and only 1 movie per day), and reading good books.

Once the shoulds were complete then we chose one fun activity we could do together as a family.  Otherwise it was free time to do the "Bs"--second priorities. 

So now you know the secret ingredients for having a SUPERB DAY! 

We also worked on being respectful of ourselves (don't get down on yourself which, in turn, may reflect badly on others), being respectful of others (don't say or do anything that would harm another), and being respectful of property (don't damage or misuse your own or another's property).  I realized after requesting this of my children that Ben and I play a major role in accomplishing this goal.  Some of you would probably say "no kidding", but it takes me a little longer.  

As parents we are not exempt from having to show respect to our children.  Discipline can still be accomplished with respect.  It will also be much more affective if our children know that we will love them  even through the bad times.  It's during those bad times that they need us the most.  

I am THANKFUL for my health, for having enough and even plenty, for friends, for family, and for a patient Heavenly Father.  


This picture of me and my littlest just about sums up my life!

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