Monday, November 2, 2009

Countdown to Christmas Already?

Well, no, not exactly.  But here's a great way to get rid of the Halloween candy that comes home with the kids--Countdown to Christmas Chains!

I tell the kids to pick all the candy they want to put in the chains (1-3 candies per day).  We place the candies down the middle and a couple of inches apart on a very long piece of saran wrap.  Hint: Pick the biggest and best for Christmas day.  

Get lots of helpers and fold one side of the wrap onto the candy and then the other side.  

Twist between each "day" and staple (for a better hold).  Place in the freezer to keep candy fresh until Dec. 1st.  Pull it out and decorate with ribbons (helps distinguish who's whose).  Makes a great garland for the family Christmas tree.  


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