Sunday, December 5, 2010

Popcorn and the Prophet

You are probably wondering what these two things have in common.  Well, today as I contemplated sitting together as a family for the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) the memories came flooding back of complaining or disruptive children as we've tried listening to the same fireside in years past.  Then I thought, hey, we could start a new Christmas tradition!  Why don't we string popcorn for our "Mr. Krueger's" tree while we listen.  

I quickly popped four batches of popcorn in my WhirleyPop and we got down to business!  "Did it work?" you ask.  Yes, it did!  We all got to listen to the messages without a single complaint.  (Oh, and I must let you in on a six-year-old [in pink] was the most dedicated to the project.)   
 All of us stringing popcorn

Benji and Ally getting into the festivities
Here is our finished Mr. Krueger's tree
(The candy canes have to be out of Hyrum's reach.)

I couldn't end this entry without telling you about our tree.  For several years now we have cut down a tree from our backyard "tree farm" (that was planted from seedlings by the previous owners).  This year's tree is sparse in quite a few places (note the popcorn swags).  I didn't feel like whipping out all the usual ornaments with no place to put them.  Over the next few days I contemplated what to do.  Our good friend walked into our home not long after and noted how simple and quaint our tree looked with only one strand of lights (we could only find one strand working).  "It's the 'in' thing this year," she explained.  Well, okay, if you say so, I thought.  Without much further ado, we left it with one strand of lights and, just today, put our few candy canes and strands of popcorn on it.  

It reminded me of Mr. Krueger's tree in it's simple splendor.  I believe that it will also be a poignant reminder of our new priorities this year--make it meaningful, make it about family,  make it about the Savior and finding room for Him in our hearts.

As the First Presidency so eloquently expressed, Christmas isn't about the material things or even the decorations, lights and parties.  It's about our Savior and His eternal gift.  It's about showing others His love.

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