Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer? Not!

It has felt like summer for a couple of days (even though it's currently raining) nose was the first to notice. "Looking forward to summer" has taken on a whole new meaning for me ever since I started having allergies to certain pollens. Some years it's worse than others. If the change in weather is gradual the pollen isn't quite so menacing. However, this year my allergies kicked it into high gear (with the not so gradual weather change) which caused my body to fight back with a full-blown cold.

It always amazes me that us mothers can survive sickness and disease with so many other demands on our time. What, you say I should rest? Who can rest when caos looms all around you. "Sure, Mom, sleep as long as you like...we won't make a mess!" Which translates to "Good, Mom is sleeping, now we can do whatever we want."

Okay so maybe I'm exagerrating just a little. I must say that my kids are usually very good about entertaining each other when I need to rest. I've even been allowed to sleep in a few mornings in a row (after adding a supportive husband to the mix).

Isn't it great how all members of one family can work as a team! We are all in this together! Life throws us curve balls, even as small as a cold. If you put life into perspective you realize that a simple cold isn't as big a deal as brain tumors, or cancer, or sending husbands away to war. Yet we can choose to throw the bat down and walk away or re-grip for what could be our best hits yet.

Hopefully we learn from these small lessons to prepare for harder ones we have yet to face.

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