Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Family History is Alive

For Memorial Day weekend we went to St. George for a family reunion. I was in charge of the day's activities. We played giant Twister (26X26 spots), guess-how-many-candies-are-in-the-jar, and whodunit (to find out unique things about everyone). The kids even had kid-time away from the adults. It's definitely not fun to be around when "boring, but necessary" business is being discussed. Aside from the "candy-thief", everything came off without a hitch.

They say there is a first for everything and this reunion was it. Lessons I learned?

1--The location should be close to home for ease in transporting materials and grabbing last minute, forgotten item(s). It's inevitable that you forget something.

2--Designate someone to be photographer. Even though I sometimes think I can do it all...hmmm...impossibility? Yes.

3--To keep everyone's attention I rotated the games (announced jar winners, then read some whodunits, announced some more jars, sang a song, etc.).


4--The guessing jars were a hit AND they served two purposes--decoration and game. With the newsprint paper covering the tables and crayons close by, it was easy to write the guesses around each jar.

5--There could have been a little more history of our ancestors included, in the trivia quips perhaps.

6--We served ice cream bars to end the event--another favorite of the family. (Thanks to my brother!)

If you are planning reunions in the future remember:

It's all for FAMILY (you may not always know all the people who attend but they are very forgiving)! AND Regardless of the outcome of activities or entertainment or the food, the important thing is that you are together.


P.S. I must say that the trip down there convinced me that I really do NOT like sleeping in a tent. However, I realized how such a small sacrifice of comfort can turn into a huge reward of family fun!

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