B + C thru 20 years

Ben and Chris' Anniversary Adventures

Our life together began on April 25, 1996.  We try to commemorate our wedding every year in one way or another.  Ben and I take turns planning our wedding anniversary.  Ben is even years and Chris is odd years.  (No pun intended!)


  • Anniversary Inn, Swiss Family Robinson Suite, Salt Lake City, Utah 
  • Hogle Zoo, Salt Lake City, Utah (We were accompanied by our niece and nephew, Bronson and Jessica Gardner, to give us some child-like wonder.)


  • Gardner Village, West Jordan, Utah
  • Brighton Chalet, Brighton Resort, Utah (Benji was sick through the night, otherwise we would have gone to the Jordan River Temple in commeration of our 2nd Anniversary of being married there.)



  • Perrino's Italian Restaurant (now Cella Bistro), Niskayuna or Schenectady, New York (Ally cried the entire time we were gone.  Christa Fullmer, now Christa Lord, babysat the kids that night. Poor girl.)


  • Bronx Zoo, Bronx, New York, New York (We took the whole gang!)


  • Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada (We took the whole gang, as our "last hurrah" in New York.)
  • Grandin Publishing Building, Hill Cumorah, Joseph Smith, Sr. Farm, Sacred Grove; Palmyra, New York (We visited the LDS Church sites.  On another occasion we went to the Hill Cumorah Pageant and the Palmyra Temple open house.)
  • Peter Whitmer Log Home, Waterloo, New York (We had a nice little picnic here.)


  • Cutthroat Inn (now Aspen Inn), Rigby, Idaho (Grandma LuJean and Grandpa Dan Moss babysat for us, up from Utah. Once again a temple trip was cut from the plans for certain reasons. *wink, wink*)


20 June 2004--Father's Day
(in lieu of actual Anniversary pictures)
  • Sandpiper Restaurant, Idaho Falls, Idaho (The spinach, artichoke dip was amazing!)
  • Edwards Grand Teton Stadium Theaters, Ammon, Idaho  (We watched Princess Diaries.)



  • Zermatt Resort, Midway, Utah (We paid for a night in the new Villa Condominiums and got another night free plus spending money. They were trying to drum up business during it's half-finished state.)
  • Bohemian Grill and Brewery, Midvale, Utah (Always a good choice.)
25 April 2006
  • 10 Year Anniversary Party (with a wedding cake and close friends past and present; starting from top left clockwise: Mark/Crystal Bartlett, Lee/Lisa Jensen, Jerry/Hillary Brown, Ben's HS friend--Ted Reid and kids; Roger, Carolyn, Jon Pack were there too.)


March 2007 and  25 April 2007
  • Disneyland, Anaheim, California  (pre-anniversary trip right after Roger's wedding in Southern Utah)
  • Cafe Rio, Provo, Utah (Picnic on the Provo River)
  • Home theater--The Holiday


2 May 2008
  • Lon's Cookin' Shack (no longer at the same location), Orem, Utah (Yummy slow cooked meats and tasty side dishes.)
  • Boondocks, Draper, Utah (Our kids' cousins, Patrick and Whitney Moss, babysat.)


18, 23-24 April 2009
  • House Hunting? Really? (It was during the "think big"...bigger house, that is.  It was not to be because we were unemployed soon thereafter.)
  • Zermatt Resort, Midway, Utah (This was our free portion of the BYOB. We stayed in the main hotel this time. We enjoyed the in-house restaurant and bakery this time...all free.)
  • Park City Olympic Museum, Park City, Utah
  • State Capital Building, Salt Lake City, Utah 
  • Hale Center Theater, Orem, Utah  (Shakespeare's As You Like It)


24 April 2010
Anniversary in the back of the Lexus...
  • Cold cereal breakfast at home
  • "Serious" talk at the Provo Temple, Provo, Utah
  • Springville Art Museum, Springville, Utah (with a little mountain-side "digging" in the Lexus)
  • Magleby's at Trivani, Springville, Utah
  • Pit stop at Foothill Elementary for Kayla's 3rd Grade Science Fair (with two happy kids)
  • Orem water tower overlook
  • Cassidy and Emma Moss Wedding, Riverwoods, Provo, Utah  (Emma Smith...hee, hee!)
  • Late Night Movie Avatar, Provo, Utah (crazy-intense, war-like movie; not my favorite)


28-30 April 2011
  • "Moss' Bed-n-Breakfast" (Dad Moss let us stay in his extra bedroom with breakfast and more...check out our pillow!)
  • BYU Women's Conference, Provo, Utah (If you were wondering, there are no rules that say guys can't go. Let's just say that the males are in the extreme minority.)


25, 26, 27 April 2012
  • Jordan River Temple, South Jordan, Utah (memory walk; trees and flowers were just as beautiful as the day we got married, too bad we didn't get more pictures on the pretty side)
  • Foothill Elementary Art Fair (Sammie, Kayla and I performed with the school choir)
  • Home theater, Johnny English (not recommended to my kids--lots of crude humor)
  • Lagoon Amusement Park, Farmington, Utah (13-years later and I'm not sure I like the scary rides anymore.)


Dinner out? on the real day? No picture?
England and Scotland, May 2013 
Scotland and Czech Republic, May 2013
  • Belated trip to UK/CZ with Mom and Roger Pack


27 March 2014
  • Venice Room, Destinations Inn, Idaho Falls, Idaho
28 March 2014


24 April 2015; Stopping for lunch at the hottest spot in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Mango Molé sauce on enchiladas
"Just smile naturally, hunny!"
Changing in the car for proxy temple sealings at the Jordan River Temple
(This is more like the weather we had when we got married.)
Visiting Mum and Dad Pack and borrowing their oven to make some roasted potatoes.
Moss sibling dinner at Brad and Dana's house
Always good to hang out with Chris' siblings and their spouses (Michelle lives too far away)
P.S. This is the last time we were able to spend time with Celecta before her pre-mature death.
The Hansen House, Sandy, Utah
The Victorian Room

25 April 2015; Family Search Interactive Center, Joseph Smith Memorial Building

The Garden Room, Joseph Smith Memorial Building
Delicious...(Hint: Order for one! It's enough for two and you can enjoy it at less the cost.)
Incredible view!


3-4 Nov 2016; Oh my, Chris has a "new" car! (2005 Honda Odyssey)

AirBnB in Syracuse--quiet, beautiful country-side
(Our first time trying AirBnB. We had a good experience with our accommodating host/hostess.
The one disappointment? Breakfast isn't provided. So what does the second B stand for?)

Church History Museum's new exhibit sneak-peek; Nauvoo Cafe for lunch;
BYU's MOA Minerva Teichert Exhibit--by far one of Chris' favorite artists,
and the "live art" rainbow was stunning;
Rice King Chinese with Mum and Dad Pack; Chris went on a girl's night with Rachel and
Christine McPhie (not shown) and had a surprise run in with the Goate's family from our Orem days.

5 Nov. 2016; Don Pack's funeral--Ben, Molly, and Sarah Mackenzie with their mom, Doni Pack (left)
Lee and Holly Squires with sleeping niece and nephew (middle top)
Don Pack's descendents (center)
Redheaded Carol Pack Maxwell and daughter, Don's kids' group hug (right)

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  1. How did I miss this?! That was crazy fun, reading about your anniversary celebrations. You definitely put us to shame as far as celebrating. Good for you!