Sunday, September 30, 2012

sunday summary: UnPACKing and Kayla's 11th Birthday

We have a great backyard...the swing stands over ten feet high.  The kids love to play helicopter by winding their two, and even three, swings together. 
 Luckily the kids could play outside while I unpacked.  (Unfortunately they packed by the size of the book so we had to reorganize every book in Ben's study.)
 Ben and I couldn't stay away from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert (even though we had to pay to get in this time).  No matter where I go, the choir makes me feel like I'm home.
 This is my good Orem neighbor, Rob Rowberry, who sings in the choir with his wife, and through his generosity provided tickets for us to go to the concerts in Salt Lake.  I'll miss going so often.  Even more, I'll miss the opportunity to sing with them.
 Kayla turned 11!  She got the chance to eat our traditional birthday breakfast in her new bedroom.  Daddy made her favorite, German Pancakes! It's not often that they get their favorite when I'm awake (especially since I'm not a morning person).
I've been impressed how quickly the kids have been able to make friends. Here are the friends Kayla invited to her party. 
 Kayla has become our cookie baker. She is very thorough and likes to ensure that she doesn't miss any of the ingredients.  My favorite is getting to snack on the cookies as we bake together.

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  1. Wowsers! What a great house and backyard. I'll need to get your new address. How wonderful to get to perform in Fiddler. That's a great musical. We were at school with Rob Rowberry so that was fun to find out you had been neighbors. Hope the unpacking is almost finished. Sounds like it was a good move.