Saturday, August 7, 2010

He's not little anymore

Hyrum turns three today!
He made one of his first attempts at holding up three fingers . (We celebrated earlier this week with Grandparents Moss and Pack, and our good friends the Johnsons.)
He even got breakfast in bed. It was a little nerve racking for the mother, but Hyrum thought he'd died and gone to heaven!
As you can see he was the life of the party and was so excited about all the thoughtful gifts he received.
Thanks to the kids, especially Ally, we also had a first-class fishing pond.
His fish cake was a hit too. (Apricot Cake with Lemon Frosting...have I told you lately how much a LOVE being able to find amazing recipes on the internet?)

Although it is a bittersweet moment to watch your youngest getting so big, it has been a blast to watch him grow. When you need your heart to smile just ask Hyrum for a hug.

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  1. Thanks for doing this Dear. It stirs the heart, at least for me. Ben